Our Story


About us

Our story is a simple one. In 2005, a boy met a girl. Years later, there are rings on our fingers and a cub called Freya.


noun: Bear

Found in many habitats, from the fringes of deserts to high mountain forests, alpine meadows and coastlines. They are intelligent, curious creatures, have excellent memories and acute senses. Has an excellent eye for photography.

alias: Dewi Clough

If we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of who I am, first and foremost you must know that I am a nerd. If you want me to chat your ear off just ask me about my favourite board games (I don’t have a set favourite but I’m loving Escape from the Dark Castle at the moment). I studied Film and TV production in York and it’s given me a deep love for film. I’m a daily black coffee drinker and have a crazy sweet tooth. When you get married it’s me who will be by your side. Capturing the day as it unfolds.



noun: Fox

Social creatures, highly adaptable to living in different environments. Often characterised as cunning, foxes are resourceful, intelligent creatures. Makes a damn good wedding album.

alias: Vicky Clough

Dewi would affectionately describe me as a ‘teachers pet’. Although I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, I have been known to enjoy a test. Briefly summed up, I’m a tea drinking, cake baking, slipper-wearing-fighter for women’s rights with a love for all things beautiful.

You probably won’t see me at your wedding, but I’m working hard behind the scenes making sure that your photos look their absolute best when you receive them.



The Fox and Bear Philosophy

We care about beautiful, intimate wedding photography.

We adore natural light and love nothing more than getting outdoors and letting nature influence the photos we produce.

We have a relaxed, informality to our work, which allows our couples to enjoy their day as it’s unfolding, safe in the knowledge that their photos will reflect the joy and love they have for each other.

Each moment, each glance, each emotion; captured beautifully.