How to capture Snowdonia in your wedding

July 29, 2022

Make the most of North Wales

At the moment the sun is out, it’s warm outside and we’re enjoying the heady summer months. So we’ve been thinking back. Back to a time last year, where Emily & Rob picked up their family, headed across the UK to the incredibly beautiful Tal Y Bont Uchaf Farm for the most beautiful and intimate wedding enjoying the best possible weather and sights that Wales has to offer.

We are big believers in have your wedding your way. And for everyone that means something different. There’s a million blogs and posts and suggestions online about how to plan your wedding. What to include and what to ignore. Which is fantastic for inspiration. But remember, when it comes down to it, when your wedding day arrives, it’s your wedding. No one else’s.

When Emily & Rob got in touch they had a plan. With Tal Y Bont Uchaf Farm being a self contained venue with a number of rooms to hire, they planned to hire the venue, bring their nearest and dearest along and make a week of celebrations. This is one of our personal favourite ideas for a wedding. Not just one single day, but relaxed celebration over a number of days. As a result, this also meant that there was no rush when it came to the wedding. No stress over timings, or how to squeeze in seeing and chatting to everyone, since everyone is already there.

This is where the magic happens

So what do you do when your wedding has 30+ guests who you’ve already spent the week with, you make the day about yourselves. This isn’t a greedy or selfish endeavour. The celebration still includes all of those who are important to you. All this does is allow you the chance to spend time together. No one else (well Dewi taking photos but Dewi can be ignored). And if you’re all dressed up, you have no one else to worry about, why not head to the hills.

A Brambly Hedge wedding style

I’d never heard of Brambly Hedge before this wedding. Beautifully illustrated stories of a relaxed community of mice and woodland creatures. Evocative of an England of the past, similar to anything written by Beatrix Potter. Enjoying the simple life. This was both the inspiration for much of Emily & Rob’s wedding and it encapsulated the vibe perfectly. A personal favourite was the Needle and Thread dress with floral details and the reading from the book during the ceremony.

Inspired by the wedding and beautiful illustrations, I ordered a copy of the book for our daughters as soon as I got home.

A family gathering

Now jumping in the car and heading to the hills to make the most of your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your wedding party. How about coming home for a chilled afternoon of drinks an a home cooked meal. Literally a home cooked meal, with everyone around the most amazing and intimate table setting. You couldn’t have a more intimate wedding if you tried.

If you’re planning something similar we’d love to hear about it.