Early early morning session halfway up Snowdon

May 13, 2021

I thought it was perfect timing after last week’s blog to chat about the pre-wedding session we had with Ayeisha & Tom. One thing I didn’t mention about Chateau Rhianfa, the venue of Alice & Dan’s wedding from last week’s blog, is that there are a lot of stairs! And a wedding there usually means a lot of exercise, up and down. Wedding downstairs, reception upstairs, dinner downstairs, cocktail hour upstairs, party downstairs. Weddings are often a full workout!

So, naturally after what turned out to be a ‘leg day’, I arranged a sunrise session for the next day. Walking up a mountain possibly wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had 🤦‍♂️. Fortunately, it turned out to be pretty special.

Mountain Sunrise Sessions

Honestly I do love a sunrise session. We have two cubs and one of them is very much an early riser so I’ve seen a lot of sunrises. In the autumn/winter there’s a much higher chance of the sunrise being awesome…you just have to be willing to get up a little earlier than usual.

So, Ayeisha, Tom & I had a super early meet up at the bottom of Snowdon at the Watkin path and off we went. It’s amazing to think that we were only a few months away from the whole 2020 chaos, chatting over plans and getting excited. It’s been a gut punch of a year for so many of our couples but it’s amazing to see everyone taking it in their stride and coming back strong.

Honestly nothing beats a sunrise when you’re half way up one of the best mountains around in the most beautiful country. We were so lucky with the views. If anyone else fancies getting up far too early just give us a shout!

Restrictions be damned

In just under two weeks these awesome people, who were some of the first to have to postpone their plans when things went a bit sideways last year, are finally going to be able to get married. And honestly they are doing it in style. Restrictions are still in place but they have some excellent plans lined up and we cannot wait! We will be showing off their wedding day really soon!