Early morning winter sunrise beach session

March 4, 2021

So chances are you might have heard about the golden hour. This is the last hour before the sun sets. It’s usually the dream time for photographs because the light is so beautiful. In the UK we aren’t guaranteed cloud free skies, but when the weather is right, the golden hour is glorious.

However, in our opinion there is another golden hour, and it can be equally spectacular, whatever the season. The hour the sun rises.

One thing that we’ve learnt in the last 3 years of having a cub who is definitely a morning person (usually up long before the sun), is that the winter can offer the best sunrises. In fact most of the time they are so much better than a winter sunset.

So at the beginning of 2019 (so long ago now!!!), I suggested to Alice & Dan that we get up nice and early and head to the beach. I always forget that to go to a sunrise session means leaving the house in the pitch black, but it’s so worth it! Fortunately Alice & Dan were excited to do so too, and the results speak volumes.

Nerds stick together

So I (Dewi/Bear) am a massive nerd. For the last 10 years I’ve been a member of a local board game group. And at that group I met Dan, and not too long after we all met Alice, his new lady love. Absolutely the sweetest couple. Year later and they become engaged and everyone is so pleased for them! It’s amazing when you see friends come together like that. When it came to planning their wedding they told me that Dan decided long ago that he wanted us to photograph their day. It’s always a joy to be asked to photograph someone’s wedding. So much trust is placed in us. But there’s something so incredibly special when we have a friend ask us. I can’t really explain what it is but just know that if we’re already friends and you ask us to photograph your wedding, I’d be absolutely hand-on-heart honoured.

We’ll be sharing more from Alice & Dan’s amazing autumnal wedding very soon, but for now check out this awesome beach sunrise session full of pink skies and empty beaches.