The Experience with us




How much do you charge?

Will we be featured on your social media/website?

How many photos will we receive and when will we get them?

There's no set amount and every wedding is different. It's so hard to tell how many we'll deliver but it's usually around 600+ images for a full wedding day. You get all of them. To download and use as you like.

Edit time is usually around 8 weeks. This can change depending on time of year. Don’t worry we’ll keep you posted.

So you’ve found us, you’re thinking of hiring us to photograph your wedding or family. We can only show off how good we are if we show off how good we are. Everything featured on our website, our blog, our instagram and other social media platforms are from real life weddings and events.

A huge part of our marketing and networking involves allowing other suppliers, the dress shops, the florists, the venues, to also have access to the photos we’ve taken. We think it’s super important that after all the work they put in to make your wedding so special they they also get to see and use the images.

We totally understand if you’d rather avoid having your work featured and if that’s the case reach out and let us know and we can work something out for sure.

Rates start from £2,000. Contact us for our full pricing guide.



Do you travel?

Do you do photo retouching or provide RAW files?

We don’t charge for fuel when travelling across mainland UK. All we ask is that if it’s more than a few hours from Conwy County then Dewi might need somewhere to stay before and after the wedding 📷

Anything further afield and just let us know what you're planning.


If you've asked us to photograph your wedding we'd hope that you like the work we do. We'd definitely recommend going through a couple of full wedding galleries from us so that you can see what a full day would look like. Just get in touch and we can send some your way.

Privacy & GDPR

OK this is easily the most boring part of our website. BUT it’s important.  We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when you complete my contact form. This is only really so I know your name and can email you back. This stays with us and doesn’t go anywhere. We promise we don’t sell it.

What we Collect (Information we Hold)

We may collect and process information you provide by completing forms on my website and information you supply in email correspondence.

We may collect the following information:


Email address

Mobile number

Your home address

The address where you’re getting ready at on the morning of the wedding.

Names of key family members

Privacy & Individuals Rights

The GDPR includes the following rights for individuals:

The right to be informed

The right of access

A right to rectification

The right to erasure (If you ask us to delete every copy of your wedding photos, we will need to receive this request from both parties and there’s a cooling off period of 3 months)

Right to restrict processing

The right to data portability

A right to object

The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

Lawful Processing of Data

We only process data in relation to enquiries and booking conversations with clients. The processes and systems I have in place are designed with your privacy in mind.

Access Requests

If you would like to access the data we have on you, you can request this in writing via email.

Consent & Guest Photos

Throughout the wedding day, I will aim to get photos of all of your guests. During the main family and friends photos, I will work on the assumption that everyone is happy for me to photograph them.

When it comes to other guests e.g. evening reception guests, we work on the basis of ‘assumed consent’ for documentary coverage. We will verbally ask for consent from the people we intend to photograph in any organised or posed photograph.

Photo Removal

You and your guests do have a right NOT to be featured on our website. we will work on the assumption that your guests are ok with us featuring photos that make them look fabulous.

If any of your guests contact us and request that their photo is removed, we will remove the photo.


Precautions are taken on our website to ensure it is as secure as possible. This reduces the chance of data being robbed via hacking or malware.

We delete old emails and mobile numbers when everything has been delivered and we’ve not been in touch for 12 months or longer. If you do text us out of the blue, please keep this in mind. Remember to mention who you are along with your wedding date.


We keep up to date with changes in legislation, and we insure that we’re fully GDPR compliant.

Over on the Information Commissioner’s Office website, they explain that the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are currently a working document and therefore subject to change, so we commit to doing our best to keep up, but if they go and make a load of changes just before peak wedding season, all bets are off until October. Editing your wedding photos comes first.