The Fox & Bear Guide – How to start planning a wedding

February 9, 2018

You’ve just got engaged; congratulations! Planning a wedding is an amazing and rewarding experience but they are huge, crazy, amazing undertakings and it’s pretty confusing to know where to start. Well we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy being engaged.

To begin, we’d recommend you check out what our friend Jade has to say about taking a moment to just enjoy being engaged. It’s a special time and it’s important to just relax and take it in.

Create a mood board.

When you’re ready to get started with the planning the first thing you want to think about is creating a mood board. Use pinterest, instagram, wedding blogs, wedding magazines. Pull out ideas, colours, themes. It doesn’t even have to be wedding related. What do you guys like? What are your interests, hobbies, things you do together? What defines you and can you incorporate it into your wedding plans? The mood board should be like a living guide book to your wedding. As you find ideas that you like you can start to refine the board. This will make a great reference for the rest of the planning process. And having a mood board is fantastic if you decide to…

Photo credits are all on Jade’s Instagram. Just click on the photo
Hire a stylist and planner.

Again we’d recommend our friend Jade Leung. She’ll help with everything from style, finding and dealing with suppliers to making sure the actual day runs smoothly. We worked with Jade on a styled shoot recently. The above mood board is what she put together for the shoot to give us some direction and theme. She’s amazing at what she does and we’d recommend you check out her work.

Book a venue.

OK so you have a rough idea of what you want the ‘feel’ of your day to be. Now for one of the harder and more important tasks; finding a venue. Venues book up quick. How quickly you book your venue can determine what date or even which season your wedding will be in. If you’re thinking of getting married in North Wales check out our on some of our favourite venues.

Or for something completely different maybe consider a humanist wedding. Humanist weddings don’t adhere to the normal rules of needing a venue with a licence to wed. This means you can set up shop pretty much anywhere you can think of! We have a fantastic guest blog on humanist weddings right here.

Find your photographer.

Lastly, you need a photographer. Along with getting a venue, finding the right photographer is top priority when it comes to availability. We still have some available dates for the upcoming year, but a lot of our couples book us up to 2 years in advance. It’s so important to get researching right away. Find a photographer who you like the style of and who you like as a person (they will be by your side for the whole of your wedding day). If you like the look of our work don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Once you have these things booked you’ll be well on the way and the rest of your wedding planning will be a breeze!

We want to hear about your day. Get in touch and we can chat all things wedding.