A Winter Love Story: Mari & Danny’s Magical Wedding at Henblas Country Park

February 7, 2023

Winter weddings can be magical and beautiful. They have their challenges but that just makes them unique. When the sun comes out and it’s crisp and cool, gosh you know it’s going to be a great day. Mari & Danny’s wedding at Henblas Country Park on Anglesey was no exception. Originally planned for 2020, their wedding was postponed and cancelled due to COVID-19. But, as they say, everything happens for a reason and the wait was worth it. The couple finally exchanged their vows in a stunning crisp winter setting.

Mari and Danny’s love story is just as unique as their wedding day. We adore getting to know our couples and how they came together and their story is a great one. Mari had always fancied Danny and used to tease his sister, Nia, that they would be together one day. Years later, while in her second year of university, she was out in Bangor and met Danny at a club and they talked for hours. It would be another year before they would see each other again, but when they did, they started dating and fell in love instantly. By the next August, Mari had moved into the house that Danny had bought just before Christmas.

We have a pretty common saying at Fox & Bear HQ, and that is that Fox & Bear couples ‘hop fences’. I mean, you don’t have to, but the willingness to hop a fence, head on an adventure, maybe even get a little dirty, that’s a Fox & Bear couple. We mentioned this on an Instagram post a few weeks before their wedding, and when it came to the day, one of the first things Mari said to me was “find me a fence to hop over”. Couldn’t ask for a better couple.

The crisp and sunny winter day was perfect for an outdoor wedding, and the guests took advantage of the opportunity to spend as much time outside as possible. Henblas Country Park is just one of the most perfect outdoor wedding venues. You’ve got spaces to chill, to explore, to discover. It’s one of our favourite venues and we’re so excited to capture our couples here.