chinese bride laughing on her wedding day
July 20, 2018

The Fox & Bear Guide – Natural Wedding Photos

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Natural wedding photography

We love it. Unposed, honest, genuine. These days everybody has a camera and photos are being taken constantly. Despite the surge in photo taking it’s easy to revert to old habits when a camera is pointed at us. “Say cheese!” “Look this way!” ‘Smile!”

If you ever hear Dewi say “cheese”, something has gone terribly wrong. For the most part he won’t even ask you to look at him. We believe that photography, wedding photography in particular, should be natural and honest. Your photos should be a reflection of you, who you are and the importance of the day for you both.

redhead bride holding on close to her groom

Remember why you are there – Love each other

You just got married! That’s so amazing and at the end of the day it’s all about you. Concentrate on each other. Don’t worry about ignoring Dewi, he won’t mind in the slightest. Talk to each other, hold hands, get close.

Bride and groom holding each other on the beach


OK this may sound a bit obvious but in the excitement and bustling of your wedding day it’s easier said than done. Use the time you have together during your portrait session to enjoy having a bit of quiet time together. Take a moment, breath, relax. Just ignore the camera, Dewi will capture your day in all of its happy, honest goodness!

chinese bride laughing on her wedding day

Consider booking a pre-wedding photo session

We talk more about this in our guide on why we love pre-wedding and engagement sessions. These sessions are fantastic at helping our couples get used to being in front of the camera. It’s a great chance to meet up, chat about the wedding plans and have a go in front of the camera. That means when your wedding day comes around you’ll be ready to go!

Laughing couple on Rhoscolyn beach

Trust your photographer

We’ve touched on this before. Find a photographer that matches the style of photography that you want.  If you look through our portfolio you’ll see that natural, intimate photography is our jam and Dewi loves working outside, come rain or shine! Like the sound of that then we are the team for you.

Dewi knows what he is doing and will always work to make your photos the best that they can possibly be. If he asks you to jump a fence into a sheep field, trust him, he probably has something amazing in mind.

No one likes the idea of ‘posed’ wedding photographs. We much prefer the term ‘directed’. Dewi will give you direction to bring out the best in you both and make you look amazing. Nothing forced or fake, only you guys at your best.

Remember, if you want natural wedding photos, the easiest thing to do is to be natural with each other. Ignore Dewi, ignore the camera and concentrate on each other.

Bride and groom laughing together in the lake district

We want to hear about your day. Get in touch and we can chat all things wedding.

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