The Fox & Bear Guide – Photography Myths Debunked

May 29, 2018

Whenever we meet someone new and explain that Dewi is a wedding photographer, we always get the same questions. There appears to be an engrained belief about what wedding photography is like and how we work. We’re here to tackle some of these misconceptions and myths.

Myth 1: Group photos take hours

We’ve been guests at weddings where we spend an hour or longer waiting for the formal group photos. Waiting in a queue for your name to be called; its not what the day is about.  Of course group photographs are important but do you need to have individual photographs with each and every guest? Spend some time before your wedding day to consider which group photos you want and come up with a list. Often 6-8 group photos will capture everyone you need to. Give this list to Dewi and to a guest (an usher perhaps) who can round everyone up and the group photos will be a breeze! That gives you and your guests more time to enjoy the day.

group photo of bridal party at hafod farm

Myth 2: You should employ a photographer who has worked at the venue before

We’re often asked if we’ve previously worked at a venue. Most of the time it’s a curiosity on the part of our couples, but sometimes the couple is specifically after someone who knows the venue well. We are very much of the opinion that while its always great to work at familiar venues, we love working at new places. If Dewi is shooting in a new venue he’ll be looking for exciting new angles and hidden spots. It keeps our photography fresh and keeps us on our toes.

newly married couple walk the gardens at bodysgallen hall

Myth 3: Wedding photographers are all the same

Definitely not! We are strong believers that you’re photographer should match you. Some photographers are all about fun and love strong vibrant colours. Some photographers are classic and love a formal style. For us, we love working with couples who want natural, romantic photographs and who LOVE the outdoors. Consider who you are as a couple and you can find a photographer to match.


Bride is climbing over a fence

Myth 4: Dewi will ask you to “look at the camera and smile” Or “Say cheese”

Dewi will never, never, never ask you to say cheese. We are all about capturing natural and honest moments and in fact, if you notice Dewi is pointing the camera at you, its best to ignore him! Chances are he has noticed a small moment you are having with your partner or one of your guests. Trust us we are not trying to capture you looking bad or at an awkward angle. We just want to photograph you at your best and document your day as it is happening.

bride hugging her two grandmothers

Myth 5: “We could just get Uncle Bob to take our wedding photos”

Yes ok this is true. Yes you could get Uncle Bob to bring his camera to the wedding and he might be amazing. Yes smartphones are great nowadays, and yes your guests will all be taking their own photos. Yes it would save you and your wedding budget a pretty penny. BUT there are important reasons why you should employ a professional photographer.

For one thing, Uncle Bob is a guest. He’ll want a drink and a sit down and a chance to enjoy the day. Dewi loves being at wedding but he is working. He uses professional equipment, has insurance and will work as hard as he can to do the best possible job for you. He’s experienced, has an eye for detail and you won’t be disappointed by the result. Simple.

The cost? Yes it is an investment to have your wedding professionally captured but really, your photography is one of the only things you will have left to remember your amazing wedding day once it is over. These photos are the ones that will adorn your walls for years to come and the ones that you and your loved ones will have albums of on their coffee tables – they should be nothing less than marvellous!

Chester Wedding Photographer

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