The Fox & Bear Guide – Men’s What to Wear to a Pre-Wedding Session

April 26, 2019

OK so this is actually more of a post about what I (Dewi/Bear) would wear to a pre-wedding session. I’m not a fashion expert but I like to think I have some style. One thing I do have experience with is photography, specifically photographing people. So I’ve seen a fair few different outfits and options.

Just like everything in life, it’s hard to figure out how to do something when you haven’t done it before. It’s hard to plan a wedding when it’s your first time! Being in front of the camera is hard when you’re not used to it. Picking out the right combination on what to wear to a session can be tough if you don’t think about it. Added to the fact that you’re probably hard at work picking out the details on what to wear for your wedding (I took forever to find the right jacket to our wedding). So below is what I would probably wear to any given shoot.

So the first thing I would consider is where the session is taking place. It could make a huge difference if we’re headed up a mountain, compared to a city walk, or sunset session on the beach. I probably wouldn’t wear walking boots on the beach or smart shoes on a mountain. Neutral, layers with a splash of colour. This should be the starting point for most combinations. It’ll be easier to match to your partner if you are both wearing neutral colours. Then a splash of colour can be used to tie your outfits together or create some contrast.

Mountain shoot

Walking boots, jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt or shirt with a jumper and a gilet. Layers are so important. We could be planning a snowy winter trek up a mountain only to find it’s a super sunny clear day. You don’t want to work up a sweat on a photoshoot! This combination should cover most eventualities. If the weather is looking a bit rubbish you could lose the gilet and replace it with a lightweight raincoat but a bit of rain isn’t a terrible thing on a shoot.

When I think mountain shoot, I think hiking gear but I’d always recommend avoiding anything too bulky or technical. The reality is, we won’t choose a location too far away from the car park or too strenuous. It’s amazing what you can find only just off the beaten path. This is a session to show off the two of you, not an advertisement for Rohan.

Beach/riverside session

Boat shoes or espadrilles, invisible socks, cropped trousers and a loose linen shirt.

If I was having a session by the water my go to inspiration would be French rivera. I would have to be wearing boat shoes. I absolutely love the casual sunny evening look that they bring. If your wedding is a lazy summer beachside affair then there’s a high chance of me turning up in boat shoes.

Colour coordination

This is so important that you work together to pick out the right outfit for both of you. As I mentioned before, using neutral tones works so well for keeping things simple and if you each add in a colour you can pick something that matches or compliments your partner. My go to colour combinations would have to be navy and mustard or black and brown. Just can’t go wrong with that.

Do you!!!

As I said at the beginning this is a guide as to what I would wear. If you’ve asked me to photograph your wedding there’s a high chance we have a similar style and ascetic that we like, but this is in no way a list of musts. If you are winter beach people, then of course you don’t want to be wearing boat shoes. Just the same if you LOVE colour then go crazy! At the end of the day your photography should reflect you!

We actually offer pre-wedding sessions as a taster before booking us for your wedding photography. If you fancy getting in front of the camera then get in touch now!